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You are Invited to: Re-Think "Church"

Has church become a check mark on your weekly to-do list?  Is it no longer feeding your spiritual life?


The Apostolic Celtic Church invites you to re-think church with us.  We are a Christian community in the Celtic tradition, and fellowship on Sundays is a reminder of who we are and how we fit into God's creation.


Our Celtic faith tradition is both simple and profound - striving to live into the Great Commandments to love God and to love our neighbor, remembering in our every day lives that the measure for how we love God if found in how we treat those in our church community, our larger community, and all of God's creation.


"If you cannot find Christ in the beggar at the church door, you will not find him in the Chalice." - St John Chrysostom


Come join us. Let's re-think Church together.


Apostolic Celtic Church is  a Celtic Faith Community.  Let us welcome you to what may very well prove to be your most rewarding and life changing step along your walk of faith in Our Lord Jesus the Christ.


We are truly a community of Christ's faithful from all walks of life and from all points of the spectrum of the Christian Faith, united together in our commitment to BE THE CHURCH that Christs' teachings established. Walking soundly upon the foundations of the historic Apostolic Faith we strive, together, daily to live a deliberate life of faith, having taken the Gospel to heart and manifesting the Love, Mercy and Grace of Our Lord Jesus the Christ to the world around us. We reach out to our fellow believers and nurture true Christian Discipleship, Mutual Edification and Accountability in the Faith in genuine Love for “one another”.


We are Parishes, Fellowship Communities and various charitable and compassionate Ministries untied together by our relational ties in Christ Jesus and with one another. We are Real People, Living Real Lives with Real Faith in Our Lord Jesus the Christ. We share our strengths and bare one another’s weaknesses that we may exercise the Gifts of the Holy Spirit each of us are blessed to receive in the edification of the Body of Christ, the Church.


Do you have the belief that you are called to serve Christ and His church?  We welcome all to our community.  contact us!

We at the Apostolic Celtic Church are a pre-Nicene, Celtic, Sacramental Community.


We practice a simplicity of faith which permeates our daily lives, and an awe-filled reverence for God's creation.


We emphasize the sacraments as a place where God and humankind meet.


Each of us commit ourselves to God and to each other that we may grow through fellowship, worship, prayer, study of the scriptures, and other practices of the early church.


We all profess a Christian faith that transcends politics and cultural divisions.


We welcome anyone and  everyone.


All are welcomed at the Lord¹s Table and to all of His sacraments.


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