Black Mountain, North Carolina

Apostolic Celtic Church


The Sanctuary - Located at 850 Blue Ridge Road, Black Mountain, NC.


We are a Celtic Christian Church located in Black Mountain North Carolina who is dedicated to supporting each other in relationship, community, and transformation.


Our Church practices its faith by supporting each other in 3 key areas:

  • Growing relationship with God & Community
  • Engaging in Community in its smallest and largest expressions
  • Participating in transformation within and without


Growing relationship with God & Community:

We want to pursue a genuine relationship with God and our neighbors.  This is the heart of Jesus' command to us. We are to love God and love others (Matthew 22:36-40).  We believe that healthy relationships are loving, self-sacrificing, dynamic, and always growing deeper.  We express our relationships in creative ways and encourage each other to always go deeper.  Our relationship with God and others are not checklists but passionate romances.  More . . .

Monastic Communities

The Order of St Christopher - The motto of St. Christopher Abbey Malabar Church is “Opera, non Verba” – deeds, not words.  Based on the Gospel of Mathew 7:16 – “By their deeds you shall know them” – St. Christopher Abbey’s mission is to help those it serves make their lives better, not preach a Gospel of words.


The Order believes that the answer to poverty is a well-functioning economy that provides jobs and thus income.  That provides education aimed at future jobs.   The Order is not large enough to solve the economic problems of a nation or the world, but it can help solve them for the members of the Order and for the community that surrounds it.



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