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Apostolic Celtic Church

About Us

Welcome to the Apostolic Celtic Church, a vibrant and inclusive community dedicated to embracing the transformative power of the Celtic Christian Tradition. At our core, we believe in fostering a deep connection with God, the natural world, and each other. With open hearts and minds, we invite you to embark on a spiritual journey that embraces ancient wisdom in a modern context.

Our roots trace back to the ancient Celtic Church, where faith was intertwined with the rhythms of nature and the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. Over the centuries, this rich tradition has evolved, blending with contemporary influences to form the Apostolic Celtic Church. Today, we honor our heritage while embracing the needs and challenges of the present, striving to carry the light of Christ’s teachings into the world.


  1. Our Beliefs and Teachings: At the heart of our faith are the foundational beliefs and teachings of the Apostolic Celtic Church. We embrace a holistic approach to spirituality, emphasizing the interconnection of body, mind, and spirit. Drawing from Celtic wisdom, our teachings emphasize contemplation, mysticism, and the sacredness of nature. Through prayer, meditation, and sacraments, we seek to deepen our relationship with God and experience transformative spiritual growth.
  2. Our Community: Our community is a diverse tapestry of individuals from various backgrounds and walks of life, united by our shared commitment to living out Christ’s teachings. We are a welcoming and supportive family, offering a safe space for spiritual exploration and growth. Parishes, fellowship groups, and ministries provide opportunities for connection, mutual support, and the cultivation of meaningful relationships rooted in love and faith.
  3. Our Spiritual Practices: Central to our spiritual journey are the practices and rituals that nourish our souls. Through prayerful contemplation, we enter into communion with the Divine and discover inner peace. Guided by the rhythms of the liturgical year, we celebrate sacraments and engage in acts of devotion that deepen our connection to God and one another. Our spiritual practices serve as a compass, guiding us on the path of transformation and awakening.
  4. Our Outreach and Service: We believe that true faith is expressed through compassionate action and a commitment to social justice. Inspired by the example of Christ, we actively engage in outreach initiatives, both within our local communities and beyond. We strive to be agents of positive change, addressing issues of poverty, inequality, and environmental stewardship. By serving others with love and humility, we endeavor to make a tangible difference in the world.
  5. Meet Our Leaders: Our dedicated leaders play an integral role in guiding and nourishing our community. From the Primus to our bishops and clergy members, they bring wisdom, compassion, and a deep commitment to the Apostolic Celtic Church. Each leader embodies the values of our tradition and serves as a source of inspiration and guidance for the community.
  6. Join Us: We warmly welcome you to join our community and embark on a transformative journey of faith. Whether you are new to the Celtic Christian Tradition or seeking a spiritual home, there is a place for you in our midst. We invite you to attend our services, participate in our community activities, and engage in meaningful conversations with fellow seekers. To learn more and become part of our growing family, reach out to us today.
  7. Testimonials: Here are the voices of some members of our community, sharing their personal experiences and the profound impact the Apostolic Celtic Church has had on their lives. These testimonials reflect the diversity of our community and offer glimpses into the transformative power of embracing the Celtic Christian Tradition.
  8. Conclusion: As we journey together, guided by the light of Christ and the wisdom of the Celtic Christian Tradition, we invite you to discover the profound beauty and

The Celtic Church is a unique expression of Christian spirituality, rooted in the ancient traditions of the Celtic people. With a distinct set of values and practices, it offers a refreshing and profound way of experiencing and living out the faith. Here are some key distinctives that define the Celtic Church:

  1. Nature and Creation: The Celtic Church deeply values the natural world as a sacred reflection of God’s presence. It recognizes the interconnectedness of all creation and honors the Divine in the rhythms of nature. This reverence for creation inspires a deep sense of awe, wonder, and stewardship for the environment.
  2. Thin Places: The Celtic Church celebrates the concept of “thin places,” where the boundary between the physical and spiritual realms is believed to be thinner. These are places where one can experience a heightened sense of God’s presence and a deeper connection to the spiritual dimensions of life. Thin places can be found in the beauty of nature, ancient holy sites, or in the hearts of fellow seekers.
  3. Prayer and Contemplation: Prayer is at the heart of the Celtic Church. It embraces a contemplative approach to prayer, inviting individuals to cultivate an intimate and personal relationship with God. The practice of “listening prayer” or “thin place prayer” opens hearts to the gentle whispers of the Divine and invites a deeper communion with God.
  4. Rhythm of Life: The Celtic Church acknowledges the importance of rhythm and balance in spiritual life. It follows the rhythms of the natural world and the liturgical year, embracing seasons of fasting and feasting, work and rest. This cyclical nature of life invites individuals to live in harmony with the seasons and the Divine order.
  5. Hospitality and Community: Hospitality is a cherished value in the Celtic Church. It emphasizes the welcoming of strangers, the nurturing of deep connections, and the recognition of the Divine in every person. Community is seen as a sacred family where individuals support, encourage, and challenge one another on their spiritual journey.
  6. Celtic Saints and Wisdom: The Celtic Church draws inspiration from the lives and teachings of Celtic saints, who embodied the rich spiritual heritage of the Celtic people. These saints, such as St. Patrick, St. Brigid, and St. Columba, offer a wealth of wisdom and inspiration, guiding followers to live lives of faith, humility, and courage.
  7. Art, Music, and Poetry: The Celtic Church embraces the creative arts as a means of encountering the Divine. Art, music, and poetry are seen as pathways to express and explore the depths of the soul, connecting individuals with the sacred mysteries and nurturing a sense of beauty and wonder.
  8. Pilgrimage and Journeys: Pilgrimage holds a special place in the Celtic Church. It is a physical and spiritual journey undertaken with a sense of purpose and openness to encounter the Divine. Whether it’s a pilgrimage to a holy site or an inner pilgrimage of the soul, the Celtic Church encourages individuals to embark on transformative journeys.

The distinctives of the Celtic Church offer a profound and soul-stirring way of experiencing Christianity. It invites individuals to embrace the wonder of creation, cultivate a contemplative prayer life, find rhythm and balance, foster authentic community, draw from the wisdom of the Celtic saints, embrace creativity, embark on pilgrimages, and deepen their connection with God and the world around them.

Welcome to the Apostolic Celtic Church, a pre-Nicene, Celtic community where faith and daily life intertwine. With a profound reverence for God’s creation, we embrace simplicity and seek a deep connection with our spiritual practices.

Central to our beliefs is the recognition of sacraments as sacred encounters between God and humanity. Through fellowship, worship, prayer, scripture study, and practices inspired by the early church, we commit ourselves to spiritual growth and unity.

Our Christian faith transcends divisions, encompassing people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives. All are invited to join us at the Lord’s Table, experiencing the inclusive nature of our community.

Curious to learn more about our rich traditions, meaningful worship, and the values that shape our journey? Click below to discover the depth of our faith and the transformative power of our community. Let us embark on this spiritual expedition together.



At the Apostolic Celtic Church, our community is guided by a dedicated group of leaders who uphold the values and teachings of our faith. Among them, the Primus and the Provost hold important roles. The Primus, elected from the College of Bishops, provides leadership and represents our church. The Provost, on the other hand, is responsible for education and the formation of clergy. Learn more about our leadership and the College of Bishops by cling the links below.

Bishop Lyle Wilson


Guiding the Apostolic Celtic Church with wisdom and dedication is our Primus, Bishop Lyle Wilson. With a rich Christian background and a deep affinity for the contemplative and mystical traditions, Lyle brings a wealth of experience and spiritual insight to his role as the leader of our church.

Lyle’s lifelong passion for service is evident through his remarkable career in healthcare and education. With decades of experience in these fields, he has made a lasting impact on the lives of many. Now, as the Primus of the ACC, Lyle’s focus is on providing visionary leadership and fostering the spiritual growth of our community.

Lyle’s commitment to the education and development of our clergy is unwavering. Drawing upon his extensive background in teaching and curriculum development, he shares his wealth of knowledge with our community. Under his guidance, the Apostolic Celtic Church continues to grow, nurturing the faith of our members and empowering our community to make a positive difference in the world.

Bishop Ron Shelton


Ron Shelton, former Primus of the ACC, now serves as the Provost, overseeing the gathering and dissemination of the rich teachings and wisdom passed down by previous leaders in the movement. Since his retirement as Primus in 2018, Ron has been diligently collecting and sharing these invaluable teachings with the church community. Additionally, he played a pivotal role as the founder of the St. Andrews parish in Black Mountain, NC, leaving a lasting legacy within the ACC. As Provost, Ron’s passion lies in nurturing spiritual growth and fostering a deeper understanding of the Celtic Church’s traditions.

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