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Apostolic Celtic Church

St. Aidan’s – Indianapolis, IN

St. Aidan’s Diocese is nestled in Fountain Square, just south of downtown Indianapolis, IN. This historic district sets the stage for a unique and intimate faith experience. It has long beckoned artists, seekers, and those on a journey of faith. With a deep reverence for Celtic wisdom, Fountain Square resonates with the echoes of Irish immigrants who settled here long ago. It’s a place where roots run deep, and the Celtic Community thrives, weaving together culture and spirituality. Nearby, the annual Indy Irish Fest and the Indianapolis Scottish Highland Games & Festival celebrate the rich heritage and traditions of these vibrant cultures.

Embracing the wisdom of the Celtic traditions, St. Aidan’s Parish is not your typical church. Rather, it’s a warm and informal home community where believers gather around the dinner table, sharing in the essence of “Dinner Church.” Within these walls, the liturgy dances with aroma of a shared meal. We light a candle, an ancient symbol of the divine presence, to remind us of the divine within and among us. Incense wafts through the air, carrying our prayers to the heavens. Washing our hands, we prepare ourselves for a sacred connection with the Divine. Breaking bread and raising our glasses, we celebrate the life and teachings of Christ, fostering fellowship and nourishing our souls.

St. Aidan’s Parish finds its home in a remarkable space—a historic dwelling that once served as a gathering place for communal living. Built in the early 1900s, this visionary experiment united families, sharing resources and fostering a spirit of togetherness. Within these walls, Bishop Chris and his wife embrace the legacy of community, opening their doors to Dinner Church. The upstairs space, reminiscent of the original family abode, now welcomes guests as a cozy Bed & Breakfast and Retreat Center—a haven for rest, reflection, and inspiration.

Bishop Chris, a devoted advocate of spiritual direction and the transformative power of the Enneagram, extends an open invitation to all seeking guidance, growth, and a deeper connection with their faith. With compassion and insight, he accompanies individuals on their unique spiritual journeys, providing wisdom and support during times of transition, questioning, and the exploration of new practices. Grounded in the beauty of everyday life, Bishop Chris walks alongside others through the valleys of faith, where old structures give way to new growth, light, and hope.

Step into the warm embrace of St. Aidan’s Parish, where ancient traditions merge with contemporary spirituality. Immerse yourself in Celtic-inspired worship, engage in heartfelt conversations, and find solace within the genuine hospitality. Whether you seek a place of retreat, meaningful connections, or a deeper exploration of your soul, St. Aidan’s offers a sacred sanctuary—a place where the divine and the ordinary beautifully intertwine.

Chris Edwards

Bishop of St. Aidan's

Bishop Chris, a spiritual director and Enneagram Coach, has dedicated over two decades to leading faith communities and guiding individuals in their spiritual journeys. With a background in behavioral health and social work, he blends his expertise with the wisdom of the Celtic Church to offer transformative support. As a compassionate companion, he specializes in walking alongside those navigating faith transitions, deconstruction, and establishing new practices. Chris’ deep commitment to contemplative practices and the unconditional love of God fuels his desire to help others discover joy and find hope in spiritual practices.

Chris has his Masters in Theology and is a doctoral student at Kairos University. He studied spiritual direction with the Benedictines in Beech Grove, IN. He is also a member of Spiritual Directors International and can be found on their list of spiritual directors here. He received training in the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition, founded by Helen Palmer. He is currently finishing up his certification as a Narrative Enneagram Practitioner.